Thursday, October 29, 2009

24 days of night - BEYOND THE DOOR (Assonitis, 1974)

Strange, apparently little-known Eyetalian horror flick that starts off all ROSEMARY'S BABY and then turns all EXORCIST. But there is some seriously beautiful camerawork here, and the editing and technical prowess on display is quite interesting. There are some strange, surreal sequences, and the use of sound in particular is unsettling and jarring. This is perfect for Philly at this time of year; it's been raining for weeks, and Temple University is warning its students that they're taking a 'zero tolerance' approach to any post-World Series riots like there were last year, and the public transit is going on strike maybe as soon as Saturday and how am I gonna get to class and I just got my hours cut at work so what are you gonna do, man. The apocolypse has been happening for years, anyway. BEYOND THE DOOR is pretty hilariously bad and sort of stupid, but while I was watching it, I was also convinced that it had moments of pure brilliance.

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