Saturday, October 31, 2009

21 days of nite - FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (Crabtre, 1958)

I don't know, this was somewhat underwhelming for me. Movies before 1960 are all kind of stupid, right? The stop motion animation in this was really pretty, actually, and things weren't really all SCIENCE IS EVIL! or whatever. And the sound design was pretty cool, but the performances just sort of ruined it for me. It's strange, because I can watch awful splatter movies and not care at all that the dialogue is wooden and completely mechanical, but if it's a black and white 50s sci-fi flick? I grit my teeth the whole time. I have a lot of these to write over the next couple hours, and I need to make my costume, so I'm going to be brief. The b&w white gore in this was great.

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