Saturday, October 31, 2009

19 days of nite - THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (Hooper, 1974)

There's no reason at all for me to watch this again, but my brother had never seen it, so I figured this would be a good way to experience it again. Because this is my favorite movie of all time, hands down, and I cannot watch it enough. I watch it maybe once a year, if that, but every time I feel like it gets weirder and stranger and more disturbing than the last time. It's an incredible black comedy with one of the best sound designs of all film ever. Watching it brings back memories of the first time I viewed it, in October of my first year of college. I had just been dumped by my first serious girlfriend. I was working at a gas station and feeling pretty much like I wanted to shoot myself in the fucking face. But this movie changed things and I walked through a cemetary after I watched it and thought about my dead grandfather, the only dead person I have in my life and I never even met him, and my perspective on death changed and it was an epiphany, and it was all because of this movie.


Free Movies said...

19 days of nite is an awesome horror movie. I have enjoyed it for 8 times. The total environment of the movie is very nice. And the last sequence is also very nice. Because it is the most enjoyable part of the total movie.
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Nasim said...

This is one of my best move. The performance through the total movie is Sounds. I like this type of simple Horror and Action movie. Specially the Hero caught by Villein.
I like this movie because of it natural story.
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Juliette said...

Interesting - I'm very much of the view that how your personal life is at the time of watching a movie determines your feelings and like/dislike of a movie. The movie itself I didn't like! Maybe I was too happy at the time I saw it!

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