Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bloody Nightmares Project

PhotobucketI have a great respect and sympathy for the zero-budget filmmaker. I'm not talking about Fred Olen Ray or Charles Band low-budget schlock (though I like that, too), but instead the high schoolers who put on a show, or the college buddies who spend a summer putting together a movie. Making a film is a tiring, frustrating, time-consuming process, and we're lucky enough to live in a time when the ability to make semi-professional low-budget cinema is in the hands of almost anyone. You no longer have to be a film school wunderkind like Kevin Smith or Robert Rodriguez to make an entertaining movie on the cheap, and thanks to the internet there's literally hundreds of new distribution channels to get your film out to the public.

Which brings us to the 24 Disc 100 film collection Bloody Nightmares from Mill Creek Entertainment (under their subsidiary Pendulum Pictures). Mill Creek is best known for their collections of public domain genre films and television (including the Martial Arts 50-pack i've been reviewing recently), but what differentiates the films in the Bloody Nightmares set are that they are almost entirely amateur shot-on-video horror productions made on nearly non-existent budgets. While some might see such a collection as exploiting young filmmakers, I commend the concept and hope we get more collections like this in the future.

For the near future, I will be reviewing the films in this collection in the order in which they appear. Readers should understand that I am keeping my expectations low in approaching them, and will be more forgiving of flaws than I may be on higher budget productions. I have had my own experience making zero-budget films, and recognize the difficulties involved, but I also will remain critical when the creators choose to cut corners or leave in glaring errors.

This will be painful. I know that going in.

Only 100 movies to go.

Bloody Nightmares #22: Burning Dead (2004)

Bloody Nightmares #23: Dead 7 (2000)

Bloody Nightmares #24: Dead is Dead (1992)

Bloody Nightmares #25: Dr. Shock's Tales of Terror (2003)

Bloody Nightmares #26: Matthew (aka Scream Bloody Murder) (1971)

Bloody Nightmares #27: The Shunned House (2003)

Bloody Nightmares #28: Suburban Sasquatch (2004)

Bloody Nightmares #29: Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City (1991)

Bloody Nightmares #30: I Hate You (2004)

Bloody Nightmares #31: Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest (2007)

Bloody Nightmares #32: Zombie Rampage (1989/1991)

Bloody Nightmares #33: Slasher (aka Blood Cult) (1985)

Bloody Nightmares #34: The Summer of the Massacre (2006)

Bloody Nightmares #35: Wishbone (2000)

Bloody Nightmares #36: 13 (aka City in Panic) (1987)

Bloody Nightmares #37: Bloodsucking Babes from Burbank (2006)

Bloody Nightmares #38: Up For Rent (2006)

Bloody Nightmares #39: The Witching (1993)


travis said...

this sounds like it will be completely awesome. I should have my first piece completed for the site pretty soon!

Doug Tilley said...

The first film was.. less than inspiring, but I have high hopes for the second (called Demon Slaughter), which seems to have more entertainment value in its title than the entire other film had.

There's the trailer. Though I was having some issues with the sound when I tried starting to watch it last night.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about buying two 100-movie packs: Tales of Horror and Horror Classics. Deep Discount is having a sale on several MC sets. Both of these look like Mill Creek combined a couple of their 50-movie packs to create jumbo sets, but I don't have the ones described on Amazon and these two packs doen't seem to overlap each other.

200 movies at about 19 cents a pop. Yeah, that's some quality entertainment if you ask me!

Doug Tilley said...

I love these giant public domain film collections. Sure, you get stuck with awful looking copies of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD or HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL a few times.. but you always get a few interesting picks.

And that TALES OF HORROR collection has the most interesting pick of all:


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