Saturday, October 31, 2009

20 days of nite - JUST BEFORE DAWN (Leiberman, 1981)

Yet another stupid, stupid movie I've watched this month. I watched this on the recommendation of the Exhumed Films guys (more on them in a bit), as it was something they showed this summer. But it's pretty awful. I guess people love the cinematography in this or something, but I was blackout drunk when I watched it and I don't remember anything. Maybe the alcohol is the problem. Maybe the problem is the problem. MAYBE THE PROBLEM IS TRAVIS. Guys, my Halloween costume this year is so rad. I'm going as a zombie for the first time in a few years, but it's a special zombie, the most special zombie costume I've ever made. I am writing these mainly out of spite at this point, and because I am a man of ritual who no longer has any rituals. But each October, I watch 31 horror films, or I get close to it. Because I am, after all, a lapsed man of ritual.

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