Thursday, October 29, 2009

22 days of nite - INSIDE (Bustillo and Maury, 2007)

Well, pregnancy scare flicks are my favorites (so much so that I've started writing my own contribution to the sub-genre) and INSIDE is one of the absolute best. Eerie and atmospheric and all French and shit, this is really just a slasher flick turned on its ear. The Last Girl is really the Only Girl, and the Last Girl doesn't live anyway (oh, uh, spoilers!) The slasher is another girl, and the object of the slashing is not misguided sexual rage, but overpowering maternal jealousy. The filmmakers are sure to place all of the mayhem firmly in the context of social unrest and civil disobedience, and in this way it is comparable to Heneke's CACHE. It is also tonally linked to CACHE, which drew terror and fear out of urban dream dwellings and upper class intellectuals. But the films differ in the way that INSIDE is totally prepared to get as dark and gory as possible. This film is totally blood-soaked and everyone fucking dies. Great mix of low and high culture; it's difficult to tell where the filmmakers' ambitions essentially lie.


J.T. said...

I reviewed this one last Halloween.

God bless the French. They are out of their fucking minds and this is one helluva movie.

Burgundy LaRue said...

Just watched this one. Good film, but I wanted to slap the police upside the head. They seemed so stupid in their quest to check the fuse box. Eff that. Get Sarah the hell out of the house and leave La Femme to her own devices.

But between INSIDE, FRONTIER(S), and THEM, the French have my stamp of approval for being bat-guano insane.

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