Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Capsule Review: Seven Chances (1925)

Like Steamboat Bill Jr., Seven Chances builds its plot - which involves Buster Keaton's Jimmie Shannon having to get married by seven o'clock on his 27th birthday in order to inherit 7 million dollars - to an absolutely manic climax, in this case a chase scene featuring dozens of perturbed women flooding the street. Keaton is in top form, showing off his acting chops in several raucous failed proposals, as well as his directing chops - particularly when  the angry ladies start to give chase. What follows is absolute perfection, with Keaton once again throwing his entire body into the numerous gags - climaxing in the earth itself turning on him as dozens of boulders chase him down an embankment. Less than an hour long, but the final fifteen minutes are as good as anything he ever did.

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