Thursday, January 7, 2010

J.T.'s "Scary Shit I Need To See In 2010" list: Let Me In

Once again, something old becomes something new and in turn, becomes something even more new.

Just when you thought the vampire genre was down and out and you found yourself wanting to drive to a theater showing Twilight while armed with a shotgun, along came Tomas Alfredson's 2008 masterpiece, Let The Right One In, to renew your faith that someone out there could spin a yarn about vampires in love that you could sit through without projectile vomiting or suffering through some god-awful, bubble gum modern rock song during the end credits.

Let The Right One In drew lots of critical acclaim (because it is a damn fine film) so it was only logical that some sort of remake would be in the works.

Subsequently, Let Me In was greenlit for production and should be released by October of this year.

I was pretty skeptical about the quality of a remake, but Matt Reeves of Cloverfield fame is helming this project, so I am hopeful that he will not miss all of the nuances that made Let The Right One In such a great motion picture.

As was the case with Quarantine and her source film, the wonderfully apocalyptic [REC], I find myself hoping that Let Me In will do well at the box office if only because it might lead to an even wider audience for the very deserving Let The Right One In.

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