Thursday, January 7, 2010

J.T's "Scary Shit I Need To See In 2010" list: Daybreakers

Well, 2010 is here and it is time to start thinking about the upcoming films that make your fingers tingle. Over the next few entries, I will be giving you a head's up on the upcoming horror movies that will probably earn my patronage in the months to come.

Unless you're still suffering from that New Year's drink on, you've noticed the trailers for Sperig brother's vampire epic, Daybreakers. I'll be the first to admit that the trailer's "What if Blade had failed?" vibe makes my forehead wrinkle in not so good ways, so I am not expecting much and am prayerful that I will be pleasantly shocked.

Daybreakers features Ethan Hawke and Sam Neil and answers the question left on the cutting room floor after the first Blade movie (and subsequently answered in the travesty known as Blade: Trinity to fill in a gigantic plot hole).

Namely, "If everyone on earth is a vampire, where in the holy hell will all the human blood need to feed them come from?"

I have to say that the thing that intriges me most isn't the struggle for the vampire cure. It's the whole notion of Sam Neil's vampire antagonist character and his reasons for wanting to destroy the vampire cure.

He doesn't seem to necessarily enjoy being a vampire, so he isn't driven by the traditional vampire movie plot motivation of needing to stay at the top of the food chain. The root of his opposition is pure capitalism.

Simply put, the cure will prevent him from exploiting the bank accounts of the world's bloodsucking population by selling them an untested (and mutagenic) blood substitute while keeping the supply of pure human blood limited and driving up prices for the rare commodity!

That, folks, is as fucking epic of a dig at corporate greed as you'll ever see.

Daybreakers hits theaters tomorrow (January 8th), so I will see you at the flicks, beloved readers.

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Doug Tilley said...

While I wasn't a huge fan of UNDEAD (I think the hype got to me), I could still see that the Spierig bros are talented directors with a love for genre cinema. The advance word for Daybreakers has been positive - and I agree that the trailer doesn't blow me away - and I really like the cast. I'm looking forward to this one.