Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reviews at Daily Grindhouse!

Hello all!

I've recently started writing reviews and articles for the website Daily Grindhouse, and if you like any of my writing on here - particularly my reviews of no-budget films - you'll love what you'll see over there.

Here are the articles I've posted so far:

No-Budget Nightmares - A weekly feature containing both a look at a low-budget feature, as well as interviews with those involved in their creation.

1) No-Budget Nightmares - An Introduction
2) No-Budget Nightmares - So Mort It Be (2004)
3) No-Budget Nightmares: Interview with So Mort It Be director Fabian Rush

Enter The Fist - A weekly feature showcasing some historically important Kung-Fu films.

1) Enter The Fist - Introduction To The Fist
2) Enter The Fist - Come Drink With Me (1966)

Reviews - Reviews for Exploitation/Grindhouse

1) Superfly (1972)
2) Profondo Rosso/Deep Red (1975)
3) Turkey Shoot (1982)

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Vanessa Morgan said...

Cool! I'll check them out.