Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Assbeatings In Movie History: Flash Point (2007)

I'd be lying if I said that I emphatically loved Flash Point. To be quite honest, I found it rather unimaginative and story wise, there is nothing in Flash Point that would distinguish it from the cornucopia of mindless circa 1980's Hong Kong police movies.

But we're not here to discuss plot. We are here to discuss ass beatings, to which you have to give this film an A+.

You really have to admire the fight choreography in this movie and you have to respect Donnie Yen's commitment to his craft. Yen looks absolutely diesel in this movie and the hybrid MMA style he utilizes clashes well with the more traditional Wu-Shu stylings that Colin Chou employs.

The result? A fight scene for the ages.

In addition to this masterpiece of violence, you really have to check out the street brawl between Yen and Louis Koo that comes complete with a German Suplex so awesome that it would make Karl Gotch shed a tear from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately, most of the websites I have visited have either disabled video embedding for this particular scene or have added a ridiculous amount of advertisements to the clip.

Even so, I urge you to check it out on YouTube, Metacafe, or wherever video sharing site you haunt.

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