Wednesday, November 18, 2009

USA Saturday Nightmares: The Dummy (1981)

In the spirit of Living Dolls, the next short feature I now present is entitled, The Dummy which is yet another tale of inamimate objects behaving badly.

The Dummy starts innocently enough with a married couple (Carri Vickerey as The Wife and Ezra Titelbaum as The Husband) entering their aparment during a dark stormy night. Director Louis la Volpe is generous enough to provide just enough discussion between the two to set things up. The Wife is more than a tad annoyed with her spouse over the prospect of getting their apartment ready for some sort of dinner party for their respective parents.

The Husband then abruptly heads off for an evening shift at work; leaving the wife all alone in the apartment with the namesake of the short film.

The stage is now set. Time for some mayhem.

The Dummy is a little hamfisted when it comes to action and direction, but what do you really want from a short film with barely over a seven minute runtime?

If you've ever had the hairs raise up on the back of your neck while watching Magic (1978) with Anthony Hopkins or the infamous Zuni Fetish segments of the Trilogy of Terror films, or even the Child's Play movies, then this little gem will tap into those primal childhood fears when shadows played on your wall at night and you really did hate that smiling clown doll your aunt gave you that one Christmas.

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